New Dried Fruit: Natural Dried Pineapple No Sugar Added

On special occasions, Vietnamese people often gather to talk and use home-made jams, of which naturally dried pineapple no sugar added is one of the most popular dishes for its delicious taste & featured.

Bigitexco’s natural dried pineapple is made from a special pineapple of Mekong Delta region – where alluvial deposits are formed by the Tien River and Hau River and have a fresh ecosystem.

Mekong Delta:also known as the Western Region (Vietnamese: Miền Tây) or the South-western region (Vietnamese: Tây Nam Bộ) is the region in southwestern Vietnam where the Mekong River approaches and empties into the sea through a network of distributaries.


Pineapple has excellent quality, sweetness thanks to being grown in fertile alluvial soil, mild climate. Another difference is because of inter-cropping with coconut and areca trees, pineapples here are less affected by direct sunlight, so the shape of the fruit has less tapering tops as pineapple growing areas.

Natural Dried Pineapple is made entirely of raw pineapple, peeled and sliced to taste before going through the natural drying process, helping to keep the delicious and characteristic flavor of the product.

Natural No Sugar added Dried Pineapple

Products are dried by natural methods, no sugar and no additives, safe for the health of all subjects. Natural dried pineapple when eaten with elasticity and toughness, natural sweet and sour taste, eye-catching colors.

Ingredients: 100% natural pineapple. 


– Contains high fiber content good for digestion and maintenance.
 – Low energy, suitable for weight loss.
 – Rich in vitamins A and C, which enhance the resistance, prevent coughs, colds.

Instructions for use & storage:
– Instant, keep sealed bags when not in use.
– Suitable for light meals, tea parties, picnics or as a snack for children.
– Preserved in dry, cool place.

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