Vietnam Organic Soft Dried Jackfruit

Dried fruit is safe for most individuals and is an excellent alternative to unhealthy snacks. The current trend is that people are turning to use organic and healthy foods. Vietnam Organic soft dried jackfruit is one of the healthiest and most delicious dishes you can imagine.

What is soft dried jackfruit?

Dried Jackfruit is a product that drains water through drying technology and retains essential nutrients and minerals inside. They are a delicious, nutritious snack, loved by many people.

Dried Jackfruit is a delicious, healthy food. They are produced from the freshest jackfruit fruit, comply to USDA Organic standards. The product is processed by a very strict production processes from raw materials to finished products, combined with modern fruit drying technology (not using any cooking oil). Create products that perfectly retain the flavor and color of fresh jackfruit. Therefore, we are always proud to provide consumers with delicious dried jackfruit bursting with flavors and nutrients that they bring.

Benefits of soft dried jackfruit?

Delicious jackfruit, sweet taste, rich nutrients are also very good for the development of health.

Nutritional content in jackfruit:
  • Jackfruit is rich in B vitamins (B1, B2, B6), vitamin C is good for the digestive system.
  • Jackfruit contains very little amount of saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium to help boost the immune system, good for the heart.
  • Natural sugars (fructose and sucrose) in jackfruit help replenish energy for the body.
  • Phytonutrient (lignans, isoflavones and saponins) in jackfruit is very beneficial to health, anti-hypertension, good for the stomach and increases vitality to the skin.

Eating jackfruit is also a good way to supplement the body’s iron content. Iron helps our body prevent common blood disorders like anemia.
Inherent jackfruit contains many good substances for people. We have researched and successfully applied the processing technology of soft dried jackfruit to help jackfruit keep nutrients, eat delicious as fresh jackfruit.
With Bigitexco Soft Dried Jackfruit, customers are completely assured of the quality of the product. Our products are exporting to USA and EU.

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Why choose Bigitexco Soft Dried Jackfruit?

  • Produced directly from the freshest jackfruit, Organic USDA raw material area
  • Jackfruit is prepared and dried by modern technology, closed, to ensure food safety standards.
  • Dried Jackfruit natural flavor, pliable, quilts, not dry, still retain the delicious taste of natural mango.
  • The product has not been fried, so it does not get oily and bad.
  • Dried Jackfruit retains elements such as color, nutritional composition, vitamins, and specific characteristics of jackfruit.

Our entire production process is operated by the most modern technology, completely closed process. To ensure absolute safety and hygiene for the product. Therefore, Jackfruit Dried will be the perfect choice for you. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this delicious new dish.

Bigitexco Sales Team

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