Covid-19 – We will win together – Bigitexco Response

Over the past few weeks, we have closely monitored the global Covid-19 pandemic and the fourth wave of COVID-19 in Vietnam, we has taken steps to respond to the changing situation, not only to protect the health, well-being and safety of our employees and their families, but also to reduce the risk of shipping our shipments around the world.

Business continuity is one of our top priorities at Bigitexco and we have activated our COVID-19 plan as part of our production plan to manage the impact of these factors, protect our employees and minimize the impact on your business.

At the fourth wave of Covid-19 time, We are doing all necessary actions to ensure shipping on time for all orders: Pepper / Cashew Nut / Dried Fruit…

Supporting Business Continuity for Our Staff and Customers

  • All office staffs are working from home in affected regions, where deemed necessary.
  • Teams are continuing to communicate with customers/partners as normal, and where meetings are concerned, looking at how best to conduct these virtually.
  • Self-isolation has been requested for both employees displaying symptoms and those returning from restricted travel areas.
  • 100% Worker to stay at Factory. Comply to the “3 on-site” model, which involves on-site production, dining and rest. It has helped maintain production and business, improve income while ensuring COVID-19 control and prevention.

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