The easiest way to understand Soft Drying Fruit Technology

Using the term “Soft Dried Fruit technology” may sound complicated and high technology, but not as complex as we often think.

Soft dried or dried crunchy fruits depends on the actual drying product that is dry or brittle, for example, jackfruit drying can be crunchy but soybean or other types of nuts are only dried crunchy one. Depending on the specific product type and purpose of use, dried crunchy or soft dried is applied.
In this article, Bigitexco wants to give more useful information to you, because many people still do not understand thoroughly about drying fruit.

The different range of drying temperatures will determine the nature of the dried product.

Bigitexco Mango Freeze Soft Dried Fruit 1 - Bigitexco Vietnam Cashew Nut - Pepper - Dried Fruit Company
Mango Freeze Dried Fruit – Worker is preparing mango slices into tray

Soft drying technology is mainly applied to fruits, because fruits are products containing a lot of sugar, after the amount of water in the fruit is separated but the amount of sugar remains the same, so the product after direct drying will be in SOFT condition. Fruits like mango, banana, jackfruit, dragon fruit, longan, lychee, pineapple, durian, etc. contain quite a lot of sugar, so after drying naturally on the freeze-drying machine, it will be dried in soft form. In contrast to that, a sugar-free or very low-sugar product such as medicinal leaves, moringa leaves, tea leaves, lotus leaves, nuts,. will turn dry and crisp after separating the water. This is the difference between sugary and non-sugary or low-sugary products.

Freeze Dry Machine - Bigitexco Vietnam Cashew Nut - Pepper - Dried Fruit Company
Freeze Drying Machine

Soft drying technology is not complicated drying the sugar-rich product will turn into a soft condition. It is only natural drying with a freeze-drying machine, but with other methods that do crispy fruits such as crunchy dried bananas, crunchy dragon fruits, jackfruit… but it may not preserve the nutrient content. Like natural soft drying and freeze-drying products.
In other cases, there is a question if the freeze-drying method or soft drying method can be considered is cooked, the answer is no. Cold drying separates water from the product, so if it is a fruit, it is still normal to eat, but with agricultural products such as vegetables, meat and fish. It is only dried rather than cooked.

Conclusion: The soft drying technology is nothing complicated, the freeze-drying is the soft drying, the soft drying by freeze-drying machine will be better than many other methods because low drying temperature will keep the content of nutritious, keeps the natural color and keeps the product flavor. For more detailed advice on soft drying technology and soft dried fruit product please contact us at the contact page, thank you for taking your time on this the content.

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