Top Vietnam Tropical Soft Dried Fruits

Bigitexco Dried Fruit is made from 100% fresh, juicy and nutritious fruit.

We have the most modern production technology and hygiene process, we bring to our customers and partners high quality products with delicious and nutritious taste, helping them feel natural and authentic. The most real from Vietnamese agricultural products.

Dried Fruit is dried using the most modern cold-freeze drying technology

Freeze drying is the most advanced technology available today for post-harvest food processing. With the principle of using cold technology to remove moisture from the air. The drying chamber will remain at a low temperature creating a difference in temperature and pressure inside and outside of the product. At that time, steam in the product starts to evaporate and the product will dry out gradually. When it reaches a certain degree of dryness, the product is cooled and packaged. Therefore, the products created still ensure the colors and nutrients in the product.

Dried Mango

Outstanding advantages of dried fruit by Bigitexco

With the most modern processing technology and a closed process, the input materials are carefully selected. Make sure that the dried fruit product is made with high quality.

Vietnam Dried Mango From - Bigitexco Vietnam Cashew Nut - Pepper - Dried Fruit Company

Dried fruit has a natural delicious taste, is supple, not too soft, nor too fibrous, keeping the full flavor of fresh fruit. In particular, the product is not fried oil, so it does not suffer from oil absorption and oil odor, helping to ensure the health and freshness of the product.

Dried fruit preserves longer than fresh fruit and is a handy snack on long trips when there is no freezer or delicious, delicious snacks for women in the office. .

Let’s take a look at the TOP TEN Soft Dried fruit products from Bigitexco Vietnam.

Bigitexco Dried Fruit Organic
Bigitexco Dried Fruit Organic

1 / Soft Dried Mango Fruits

Mango is made from the freshest mango fruit. With modern production technology and process, flexible dried mango preserves the natural flavor of the mango. Brings a delicious, supple taste, the sweet taste mixed with a bit of sourness will satisfy everyone’s taste.

Mango - Bigitexco Vietnam Cashew Nut - Pepper - Dried Fruit Company
Soft Dried Mango

2 / Soft Dried Grapefruit Peel

Bigitexco soft dried grapefruit peel with the extremely sweet and brings a great source of nutrients, helping users to enhance their health effectively.

3 / Soft Dried Passion Fruits

Passion fruit is a product that brings a new flavor to your snacks, they not only taste great, but they help users prevent diseases effectively thanks to special nutrients.

4 / Soft Dried Pineapple Fruits

Soft Dried Pineapple is the product that preserves the natural flavor and color of the freshest pineapple perfectly. You will feel the wonderful taste of each piece of Bigitexco soft dried pineapple. It would be a pity if you haven’t tried this delicious dish.

5 / Soft dried ginger

Our supple dried ginger is moderately soft and supple, taking a bite, you will immediately feel the passionate aroma of the ginger spread throughout the mouth, the sweetness of the thin sugar coat will ease the pungency of fresh ginger provides a sweet, pungent flavor that will never be forgotten.

6 / Soft Dried Orange fruits

Shredded orange segments are perfect dessert. They are really great snacks that you cannot ignore because of their appeal. Not only are they delicious, but they also contain many natural vitamins, raw fiber and minerals that are extremely healthy for everyone.

7 / Soft dried jackfruit fruits

Don’t miss the chance to eat Natural Taste Dried Jackfruit. Because their taste is always inviting and very attractive. They are one of the healthiest and most delicious snacks you can imagine!

8 / Soft Dried Papaya fruits

Papaya is a snack that cannot be ignored. Because they carry an extremely high nutritional content, very good for your body. What could be better than being able to enjoy the delicious, delicious food that is good for health.

9 / Soft Dried Dragon fruit

The sweet taste of the dragon fruit along with the mild acidity of our fruits, dried dragon fruit will make you ecstatic with this extremely attractive dish.

10 / Soft Dried Banana

The deliciousness of banana becomes even more special in our Soft Dried Banana product. You will feel the sweet aroma, the moderate sweetness along with the toughness of the soft dried banana will satisfy your taste.

After looking at the dried fruit with us, will you be fascinated by our high quality products! Don’t hesitate to contact us to enjoy these delicious and nutritious dishes!

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