Food processors considering some fresh possibilities for deals

Vietnamese endeavors are meaning to augment profound handling to enhance products to more readily serve their export markets.

With a processing factory in Ho Chi Minh city and close to Long An where stuck with a large amount of dragon fruit due to the current worldwide health crisis, global fruit and vegetable producer Bigitexco has come up with brand new products made from this kind of fruit. As a result, we bought a huge amount of dragon fruit to both support farmers and start our new project.

We can make 100 percentage dragon juice with a long lifespan, soft dried dragon fruit for 1 years without a preservative. Besides the dragon fruits soft dried, we are processing to export for more dried fruits product such as Vietnam dried Mango, Vietnam dried Pineapple, Vietnam dried Papaya and Vietnam dried bananas. The fruits are grown, processed and packaged in Vietnam. The dried fruits can be exported either on sea or airfreight.

Many different companies have additionally discovered various approaches to expand their product lines for supporting farmers.

Subsequent to concentrating on trading enormous volumes of natural merchandise for a long time, an ever increasing number of Vietnamese companies are presently going to fare of prepared and value added products and improving their quality to infiltrate worldwide markets.

As per specialists, this is a required move if “made in Vietnam” products are to discover a place in the worldwide distribution and value chains.

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